Contact me when you need...

  • A creative approach to an annual report or white paper

  • A pinch-hitting print and digital design director with agency experience 

  • A seasoned magazine creative director

  • A typography consultant

  • A visual design and UI professional

  • A designer to help your custom personal project come to life

Main strengths: My ability to organize a lot of information clearly. I love working with type and solving tricky type hierarchy problems. I’m also super-friendly, reliable and I stay über-cool under tight deadline pressure. 

Clients: I’ve worked for big brands like Better Homes & Gardens, Rolling Stone, ESPN, Random House, Condé Nast, and Roger Black Studios. I’ve also done pro bono work for non-profits such as Wellness in the Schools, College & Community Fellowship and the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.

Awards: My designs have won Gold, Silver and Merit awards from the Society of Publication Design as well as top honors from ASME and Ozzie awards from Folio.

Me: I’m an off-Broadway theater enthusiast and an avid concertgoer—I’ll listen to everything from swing jazz to early-80s hair bands. I collect guitars, play them, and often record the results.


Me with Slash, Billy Corgan, Jimmy Page and Buckethead

Me with Slash, Billy Corgan, Jimmy Page and Buckethead