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Andy Omel



Contact me when you need...

• A seasoned magazine creative director

• A pinch-hitting print and digital art director with agency experience 

• A detail-obsessed typography consultant

• A visual design and UI/UX professional

• A designer to help your custom personal project come to life

I consider my main strength to be my ability to organize a lot of information clearly. I love working with type and solving tricky type hierarchy problems. I’m super-friendly, reliable and I stay über-cool under tight deadline pressure. 

I’m currently looking for new clients on a freelance basis or a 2- to 3-month assignment at a large agency.



I’ve worked for big brands like Better Homes & Gardens, Rolling Stone, ESPN, Random House, Condé Nast, and Roger Black Studios, along with pro bono work for non-profits like Wellness in the Schools and the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls.


My designs have won Gold, Silver and Merit awards from the Society of Publication Design as well as top honors from ASME and Ozzie awards from Folio.


I’m an off-Broadway theater enthusiast and an avid concertgoer—I’ll listen to everything from swing jazz to early-80s hair bands. I collect guitars, play them, and occasionally record the results.


Me with Slash, Billy Corgan, Jimmy Page and Buckethead

Me with Slash, Billy Corgan, Jimmy Page and Buckethead